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3gwireless router
3gwireless router
3gwireless router 3gwireless router 3gwireless router

3gwireless router 3G wireless router

3G wireless router

3G Wireless Router with 3G Support, Repeater, Multimedia Sharing, Power Bank, LAN Port

We are central India Bhopal based manufacturer and supplier wide-range of 3G pocket wireless router. This Wi-Fi router support 3G network and boost signal inside the room. This inbuilt with power bank 1800mAh, 1900mAh and 5200mAh capacity battery to allow users charge mobiles and other electronic gadgets.

About Our 3g wireless router

SIM Slot 3G Router with 5 in 1 Function

We are engaged to provide world-class portable wireless 3G Wi-Fi router. That is you can use any 2G and 3G GSM service operator SIM inside it. You can connect up to max five wireless enabled devices at any moment to share the internet connection using Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. Just insert a 2G and 3G activated SIM card and carry your Wi-Fi Internet network on the move. This Router provides 150 Mbps high speed internet access and also this built-in power bank to charge mobile, PSP, PDAs, Bluetooth and Tablet anytime anywhere.

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