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About Our Mobile Signal Booster

Pantagone Satellite provides a wide range of products to enhance your low mobile signals and wireless data cards. We provide the solution for offices, home, factory, warehouse, showroom, basements, conference center, trading estate, industrial units, hotels, resorts, governmental complexes, universities etc. We have the solution for all network/operator including Tata, Airtel, MTNL, BSNL, CellOne, Virgin, Videocon, BPL, MTS, Reliance, Idea, Vodafone, Uninor & Escotel etc. Our primary goal is to provide the complete mobile solution to our customer and 100% satisfaction.

We are also manufacturer of Mobile Antenna and Data Card Antenna, this is the complete solution to get better signal quality but Mobile Signal Booster is wireless solution and Mobile Antenna & Data Card Antenna is not wireless you have to connect adaptor to your mobile and data card then this adaptor will connect with antenna.This is very cost effective solution. Installation is very easy and you can watch the video how to install the PSRobs Mobile Antenna and Data Card Antenna.

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What is Mobile Signal Booster?
Mobile Signal booster, also called Indoor Repeater, Signal Amplifier, is a device used to increase the signal strength of your mobile phone connections to BTS, reduce dropped calls and even help you to extend your cell phone range it can increase the signal strength of your mobile by up to 100%..
A mobile phone signal (or reception) is the strength (measured in dBm) of the connection to the mobile phone with its network. Depending on various factors, such as proximity to a tower, obstructions such as buildings or trees, etc., the signal may vary. Most mobile devices use a set of bars of varying heights to display the strength of the signal where the device is located.
Mobile Signal Boosters work in the same way as the towers of cellular operator, which broadcasts signals to the subscribers. The basic difference is that a Mobile Signal booster is much smaller in size and you can get the benefit for a limited area. Mobile Signal Boosters, depending on their formation, can expand the handset’s coverage up to more than a few thousand square feet. There are even suitable Mobile Signal Boosters available that can be used inside your car.

Cities all over the world are going in for High-rise buildings viz., commercial, office complexes, shopping malls & residences. All the areas in shadows of these high rise buildings and offices in basements do not receive mobile phone signal leading to bad mobile phone connectivity. To overcome this problem, Sharp Vision has introduced Mobile Signal Booster System to amplify Mobile signal level for better mobile connectivity. 

Mobile Signal Boosters have different models suitable for different mobile network within India for e.g. we have a special booster for 900 MHz , 800 MHz (CDMA) & 1800 MHz or combination of 900MHZ & 1800 MHZ.

Mobile Signal Booster

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